JCL's 50th Anniversary Symposium

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Imagining A World Without Corporate Criminal Law

October 22 - 23, 2021

‘Imagining a World Without Corporate Criminal Law’ is a symposium that will generate new ideas about the value of applying criminal sanctions to collective entities. Leading scholars representing diverse viewpoints will imagine criminal law without corporate liability and trace the possible implications of such a development. Symposiasts will address whatever aspects of the question they believe to be most salient, including what would be lost or gained from successful abolition, whether civil and/or administrative sanctions can replace criminal punishment, and how to compare the experience of other countries that regulate corporations without the threat of criminal liability.


Published Summer 2021

The Blockchain Symposium brought together academics and practitioners who are considering the broad questions this technology poses for the legal industry, including in relation to the development of regulations, the impact on contracts and capital markets, and the potential decentralization of corporate governance.



Ten Years After Omnicare

Published Summer 2013

“Fashion dictates that Omnicare be criticized. The majority opinion provoked two vigorous dissents, and commentators echoed them in a chorus of denigration. One of the dissenters famously predicted that Omnicare would have ‘the life expectancy of a fruit fly.’ But 11 years later, a geriatric fruit fly flaps on.”

- J. Travis Laster, Vice Chancellor, Delaware Court of Chancery, Keynote Address, February 28, 2013

Regulation and the Business Firm

Published Summer 2011

The Regulation and Business Firm Symposium convened a group of regulatory law and administrative law scholars to discuss pertinent developments in three key industries: health care telecommunication, and the financial industry. Many articles touched on the novel regulatory frameworks imposed early in the Obama administration, including the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd Frank Act.  

Invention, Creation, and Public Policy

Published Summer 2009

This symposium gathered top IP and competition law scholars to talk about ways that the patent and copyright systems can be improved so as to promote innovation, as well as how antitrust law can address problems of competition in markets for IP rights. In part, the symposium was inspired by an instinct that we are approaching a turning point in both intellectual property law and competition policy.