The Journal of Corporation Law is the nation’s oldest student-published legal periodical specializing in corporate law. The Journal enjoys a large and influential audience worldwide. For example, the Journal currently is received by every accredited law school library in the United States, two-thirds of the one hundred largest law firms in the country, and approximately forty percent of the largest two hundred fifty firms. The Journal is also received by many federal agencies such as the Securities Exchange Commission, the National Labor Relations Board, and most federal courts. It is also available on both the WESTLAW and LEXIS database systems.

The Journal’s philosophy is to provide quality articles examining subjects of current importance to businesses, scholars, and the practicing bar. Student editors believe that such an approach will produce a publication that makes a valuable contribution to the legal community in addition to serving the important function of providing excellent legal training for students.

From its inception, the Journal has been designed to serve as a practitioner-oriented publication. A great emphasis is placed on publishing material suitable for practicing lawyers. According to former Iowa Law School Dean Larry Blades, the Journal is “designed to meet the needs of lawyers on a practical and down-to-earth level.” To maintain such an orientation, Journaleditors receive advice from an editorial advisory board that consists of distinguished attorneys and scholars. The advisory board gives suggestions toJournal editors concerning editorial processes, format, and editorial staff operations. This advice keeps the Journal attuned to the needs of the present day legal world.