by Andrea Rastelli


The Journal of Corporation Law’s philosophy is to provide quality articles examining subjects of current importance to businesses, scholars, and the practicing bar. Student editors believe that such an approach produces a publication that makes a valuable contribution to the legal community in addition to serving the important function of providing excellent legal training for students.

From its inception, the JCL has been designed to serve as a practitioner-oriented publication. A great emphasis is placed on publishing material suitable for practicing lawyers. According to former Iowa Law School Dean Larry Blades, JCL is “designed to meet the needs of lawyers on a practical and down-to-earth level.” To maintain such an orientation, JCL editors receive advice from an editorial advisory board that consists of distinguished attorneys and scholars. The advisory board gives suggestions to Journal editors concerning editorial processes, format, and editorial staff operations. This advice keeps JCL attuned to the needs of the present day legal world.


JCL welcomes and enjoys the submission of manuscripts by practitioners and scholars. Publishing a manuscript in JCL, which is the 2nd highest ranked corporate law journal is very competitive. Each year the Journal receives hundreds of submissions from top practitioners and scholars that are leaders in their fields.

In selecting manuscripts for publication, the JCL considers a number of factors with an emphasis on manuscripts that address timely subjects and contain strong conclusions. Submissions are evaluated separately. Although the student staff may consult their faculty advisors for recommendations, the decision to publish a manuscript is vested solely in the student editorial staff.

Manuscripts submitted to the JCL must be typed and should conform to the following conventions:

The body of the manuscript must conform to The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style (2d ed. 2006); and

The manuscript must contain footnotes (as opposed to endnotes or a bibliography) that conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (Columbia Law Review Ass’n et al. eds, 20th ed. 2010).


Authors may submit electronic copies on Scholastia.

JCL does not accept submissions from students other than the Notes submitted by our current student writers. Authors with specific questions regarding submissions should contact our editorial office.